Top 5 online poker games everyone loves to play

Author : Aparna Sharma   Updated: May 07, 2020   3 Minutes Read   18,490

This is the time when people are looking for something or the other way to keep their mind busy. They keep on trying new things and play several games, which brings their family together to spend some quality time, the popular family card game poker has played a major part in bringing the family members closer.

The online poker game that stated with the term ‘poker face’, has been played since a long time either for betting or for having fun. There are various online poker games, which many people enjoy playing. 

Here are the top 5 online poker games:

Texas Hold’em: Texas Hold’em is considered one of the most famous poker game in the world. It takes only 5 minutes to learn, which makes it the best place for those who want to learn the basics of playing an online poker game. However, mastering this game might take a longer time. The rules here are very simple, there are two players each having two cards face-down. There will be 5 free cards face-up in three stages. All the steps are performed in the sequence of three cards. Later, to boost the chances of getting better hands, two more cards namely single card and final card joins in the game. Here, the players are provided with the choice to call, check, raise or fold. The player can start betting before and after dealing with the cards. The player with best and hand and zero folds are considered the winner. 

Omaha: Omaha is considered the second-best game after Texas Hold’em with having similar rules. During this game, four cards are given to the players. Here, the players need to make the best hand using their two cards along with the three from the five community cards. Unlike the game Texas Hold’em, Omaha has four-hole cards instead of two. Everything else remains the same as Texas Hold’em. 

Seven-card stud: This game consists of two players having two cards face-down and one card face-up. The game begins with an opening bet, where the player with lowest face-up card pays for the bring-in. In case, if there is no bring-in, the game continues with the second round. The player having highest-ranking up cards can bet or check. 

Chinese poker: Winning this game depends on sheer luck. From the 52-card deck, 13 cards each are distributed to among the players, Thereafter, their cards are divided into three poker hands. All cards in hand must be face-down positioned. After setting their hands, every player is required to announce their royalties. The player making three straights is considered the winner. 

Triple draw: This game includes four rounds of betting and three draws. Every player is dealt with five cards, where they might discard from 0 to 5 of the cards and redraw. Later, a dealer-button controls the direction of betting and drawing in the final draw. Here, the winner is the one, who owns the low poker hand at the showdown. 

These are some of the best online poker games that are fun to play with your family and friends. Whether you are playing for fun or to make money, you must try these if you haven’t done yet.

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