Patna situated on the banks of river Ganges is the capital city of Bihar. Patna is not only one of the oldest cities in the world but also holds significant importance in the history. Patna is quite rich historically and is one of the major tourist destination as well as for pilgrimage from Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religion.

The roots of Patna started in 490 BC when the then king of Magadha made Patliputra its capital. The then Patliputra, was the capital of several Magadh Empires to name a few - Nanda, Mauryan, Shunga, Gupta and Pala kingdoms.

Pataliputra has been a known spot for learning knowledge and fine arts. Not only in the fields of Arts many the then scientist and scholars were from Patna namely Aryabhata, Vatsyayana and Chanakya a few among several others.

There are many monuments located in Patna attracts tourists around the world to name a few - the world famous Patna Sahib Gurudwara, Patna Planetarium, Golghar, Padri ki Haveli.

Kumhrar is the place where ancient archaeological remains of Patliputra from Mauryan empire were excavated.

How to Reach Patna

Patna is well connected by Airways, Railways and Road with rest of the country. The nearest Airport is Patna Airport, Patna and the nearest railway station is Patna Junction. Patna is well connected with State run roadways as well as Private Bus / Taxi operators.

Top Attractions in Patna

  • Buddha Smriti Park

    The park is a huge park spreading in 9 hectare. The park was inaugurated by the Dalai Lama in 2010.

  • Golghar

    Golghar was built by the British army in 1786 for large granary store. The structure of the Golghar is inspired by Stupa structure.

  • Kumhrar

    Located 5 kilometers east to Patna Junction houses the remains of ancient Patliputra. Ancient ruins of a hypo style 80 pillared hall is center of attraction of Kumhrar. The excavation findings at Kumhrar houses sculptures and halls dated back to 600 BC and marks the capital of great kings of Magadha - Ajatashatru, Chandragupta and Ashoka.

  • Patna Museum

    Patna museum houses a splendid collection of sculptures from Mauryan and Gupta dynasty.

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