Rajgir is an ancient city located in the state of Bihar. The ancient name of Rajgir is Raj Griha. The city was the first capital of the great Magadh kingdom. The kingdom was previously ruled by Nand dynasty and later taken over by the great Maurya dynasty. Rajgir has reference linked with the great Hindu epic Mahabharata. In Mahabharata Rajgir is mentioned with its king Jarasandha. Tourists visit Rajgir and get mesmerized to visit Jarasandh Ka Akhara where the great wrestling took place between Jarasandh and Bheem.

Rajgir is surrounded by small rocky hills with a green forest valley having several natural site seeing points, caves and springs.

Rajgir is significant for Jain and Buddhist religion too. Rajgir was the birthplace of the 20th Jain Tirthankar Munisuvrata. Lord Budha as well as Lord Mahavira taught their beliefs in Rajgir to their followers.

Tourists come to Rajgir throughout the year to visit several tourist places like Vishva Shanti Stupa, Jarasandh ka Akhara, natural hot water spring, Son Bhandar Caves . Rajgir Heritage Museum also attracts many tourists across the world.

How To Reach Rajgir

Rajgir is some 100 kilometers from the state capital Patna and is well connected to the rest of the country via Gaya or Patna. The nearest Airport is Budha International Airport, Gaya some 80 kilometers away. Rajgir is well connected with State run roadways as well as Private Bus / Taxi operators.

Top Attractions in Rajgir

  • Jarasandh ka Akhara

    Tourists visit Rajgir and get mesmerized to visit Jarasandh Ka Akhara where the great wrestling took place between King Jarasandh and Pandava Bheem.

  • King Bimbisara Jail

    King Ajatashatru imprisoned his father King Bimbisara in this jail until his death. Bimbisara was the first king who followed Buddhism.

  • Lakshmi Nararayan Temple

    Lakshmi Nararayan Temple complex is marked with the natural hot spring. Tourists visit the spring for health benefits.

  • Saptaparni Cave

    Saptaparni Cave is the place where Lord Buddha meditated.

  • Son Bhandar Cave

    Son Bhandar Cave is attributed as the treasury of King Bimbisara.

  • Veerayatan

    This Jain museum is about 1 km from Lakshmi Narayan Temple. The museum is marked with the history of all 24 Jain tirthankars.

  • Vishva Shanti Stupa

    The blazing white Vishva Shanti Stupa was constructed in 1965 at the top of Ratnagiri Hill. The stupa features a golden statues of Lord Buddha. Rope-way is constructed to reach hill top.

  • Vulture Hill

    On this hill Lord Buddha is said to have preached his disciple the Lotus sutra. On the hill there are remains of Stupa which is believed to be 1500 year old. Buddhist pilgrims visit the hill to offer prayers.

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Events and Activities in Rajgir

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