Vedic Anushthan

Vedic Anushthan involves a collection of rituals and is performed by a priest who has vast knowledge and experience in performing these Puja Anushthans.

These Anushthans bring prosperity and happiness in your life. Not only these Puja Anushthans bring happiness and prosperity in your life but also purifies the body, soul and surroundings with good energy while negative the effects of negative energy.

Puja involves chanting of Mantras with Hawan and other rituals. In order to achieve the complete goal for which the Anushthan is performed, Puja Anushthan must be performed by a known priest (Pandit) who has vast knowledge and experience in Sanskrit.

There are many kinds of Vedic Puja each one for different purpose. If you are suffering from ill health, bad financial condition, or bad luck to name a few, Vedic Puja can be performed to diminish the negativity and can help you attain the prosperity.

There are many Anushthans to name a few some common Anushthans are like 

Shubh Vivah, Shri Rudrabhishek, Shri Mahamrityunjay Jaap, Kal Sharp Dosh Nivaran puja, Nav grah shanti puja

and many more.

We have experienced priest from Kashi (Varanasi, City of Lord Shiva) who perform the Puja Anushthan throughout the year. Puja Anushthan can be performed at your desired place as well if you require such.

Puja can be performed for each individual or for group of people.

As per scriptures the ritual can be performed in your name with the execution of the Sankalp. With execution of the Sankalp, all the benefits of the Anushthan will be to you.

All you need to do is to take a Sankalp (Oath) with our priest and we will perform the Anushthan on your behalf. After the completion of the Anushthan, the materials like Video clips, photographs will be delivered to your address and will be accessible to you in the Gallery of Gayajidham.

We also provide Astrology (Vedic Jyotish) , Vastu assistance for the prosperity of your family and business.

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