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'Lilavati Of Bhaskaracarya Part I
kuch bhi nhi hai abhi
Gita Press Mahabharat / Mahabharata 6 Volume Set In Hindi
he complete Mahabharata by Gita press, Gorakhpur in six volumes. It has Sanskrit verses with its equivalent Hindi translation. The book is in plain text format.
The Hymns of the Rig-veda in the Samhita text
Max Müller
Friedrich Max Müller was a German-born philologist and Orientalist, who lived and studied in Britain for most of his life.
Ramdhari Singh Dinkar
Urvashi Ramdhari Singh Dinkar
परशुराम की प्रतीक्षा
Ramdhari Singh Dinkar
परशुराम की प्रतीक्षा
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