Tips for online food ordering during COVID-19 crisis

Author : Aparna Sharma   Updated: May 12, 2020   2 Minutes Read   29,310

Since the news of Coronavirus outbreak came in, ordering food online has become one of the biggest challenge, when people are consistently advised to avoid physical contact with people and stay in their home. However, there is still no evidence that the infection can get transmitted from food or packaging, according to the US Food and drug administration, the centers for disease control and prevention and the US Department of agriculture. The world health organization (WHO) clearly states the novel coronavirus spreads from human to human contact, when an infected person cough, sneeze or touches your hand.

However, there are possibilities that the virus can survive on the objects and surfaces for days, which reinforces the need to maintain proper hygiene in your surrounding and follow safe food practices. Sometimes, ordering food online can be a necessity during the time of these crises. To avoid any risks, you should be well aware of the tips while ordering food online.

Here are some safety measures to follow while ordering food online:

Follow social distancing: While collecting food item, maintain a social distance of six-feet from the delivery man.

Sanitize the package: After collecting the food item, properly sanitize the package before opening it, it might contain virus.

Wash your hands: Properly wash your hands and utensils with soap and water before you begin eating.

Disposing: Carefully dispose of the container and package after eating.

Follow these tips to protect yourself while ordering food online. If not necessary, avoid outside food and follow safe food practices.

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