Human Body As A Chariot

Author : Acharya Pranesh   Updated: January 11, 2020   3 Minutes Read   23,350

The world is materialistic in nature and so is our body. Vedic scripture Kathopanishad provides a detailed and valuable concept comparing the human body as a chariot pulled around the five senses of our body. As Shree Bhagwad Gita is the essence of Upanishads, this concept can be seen with the reference to the Arjun’s chariot in the Kurukshetra battle filed where Lord Krishna himself was the charioteer.

The five senses (eyes, ears, nose, tongue and flesh) as horses reacting to what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

The five parts of body (hands, feet, mouth, sexual and waste organs) perform the deeds.

Mind is the reins ( Control ).

Intelligence (Buddhi) is the charioteer ( Operator ).

Soul is the passenger.

The journey on the chariot can be possible when and only when the horses are reined in and a successful journey can reach to the destination when all the components of the chariot work in coordination.

The mind being the controlling force is very impulsive in nature and very easily gets distracted with the surroundings and happenings around, experienced by the five senses. 

The chariot gets deviated unless and until the charioteer has control over the reins. The passenger can only reach to the destination once the charioteer has full control over the reins and follows the instructions from the passenger.

If in a situation where the charioteer falls asleep or gets intoxicated, there will be no control on the reins and the passenger will never reach to the natural destination.

The Mind or the controlling force can get intoxicated with the ill feelings, emotional attachments to the materialistic world, Maya and illusion, thus ultimately deflecting the chariot to reach its desired destination of self realization and attainment.

We must be very very careful and remain conscious in this journey and don't allow the charioteer to get intoxicated and must practice and train the Mind to remain in the self aware and conscious state. In order to achieve this consciousness we must

- Get the right knowledge.

- Perform good deeds

- Mediate to control the Mind

Everyone of us should practice visualizing ourselves as the Chariot concept depicts and we can avoid the intoxication of the Mind and reach the ultimate destination. The concept guides us and help us to understand the very meaning of life and paves the path full of happiness, joy and bliss.

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