Heart attack: everything you need to know

Author : Aparna Sharma   Updated: January 26, 2020   2 Minutes Read   7,540

Heart attack is a medical condition, which is not so common and occurs all of sudden without giving any prior notice. However, even a mild heart attack can have severe effects on your health and life, eventually leading to the risk of death. 

Heart attack is caused due to the blockage in the arteries, which are responsible to carry blood to the heart. This blockage in the arteries is known as plaque formed due to the buildup of substances such as fat and cholesterol. After a period of time, this plaque breaks away and converts into a clot, which leads to interrupt the blood flow and damage several parts of the heart muscle.

The common factors which can result in the occurrence of heart attack include age factor, tobacco consumption, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, stress, family history etc. 

There are several symptoms through which, a heart attack can be identified. These include: 



·shortness of breath

·indigestion, heartburn, nausea and abdominal pain

·Pressure or aching sensation in your chest or arms, which spreads to your neck, jaw and back

Preventive measure

Many people might be unaware about the fact that how much it is important to act immediately when a person shows signs of heart attack. More minutes you lose while figuring out what to do, more the person is dragged towards danger. 

Call for medical help: If the person shows signs similar to the one of heart attack, do not wait to think and immediately call on 911. If in case, you don’t have the number, take the person to the hospital on your own. 

Take aspirin, if recommended by your doctor: if the heart attack strikes, consumption of an aspirin could help to reduce the heart damage by preventing your blood from clotting. However, do not take aspirin if it is not recommended by your doctor, as it can interact with other medications. 

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