Eternal Entities

Author : Acharya Pranesh   Updated: January 16, 2020   3 Minutes Read   22,330

In the whole universe there are three things which are eternal in nature and always exist even before our existence and will exist even after we will not be. Their virtue lies in abundance without having a beginning nor end. These are God, Soul and Matter.

God is the absolute source of energy, the ultimate creator being invisible and can only be conceptualized and believed. Same applies to the soul.

Soul itself is energy inside the physical body that keeps body alive and perform activities, observe the surroundings and so on.

Matter can only change its shape but can never be destroyed completely. The physical body of every living being - be it plant, animal or human is made up of matter and thus can never be destroyed, just changes its shape and form.

This can be understood by burning wood, the solid wood is changed into basic elements Carbon, Moisture and Gases. When we seed the soil, the seed gets changed into grains, vegetables with the help of soil, water, sun, air and other required elements. It is just the change of shape and nothing beyond. Once we consume the vegetables, it again changes shape and after digestion changes in the shape of waste.

Thus nothing is permanent in the universe except the eternal entities ( God, Soul, Matter ). The matter is transformed into numerous shapes and forms with time and various processes.

In Hinduism the human body is burnt during the last rites, and the physical body is decomposed into five basic elements. Same applies to the last rites in other religion practices and the body is transformed in the Matter.

Thus the human incarnation is a three component system of God, Soul and Body ( Matter ) where God is the creator. The death represents simply the disassociation of the Soul from the Body or transformation of the physical body into Matter.

In the God’s Kingdom, every two individual are different and are identified by the soul and not by the body. For Soul is eternal and not the body which takes different shapes with different activities. With a birth its a body, but with the last rites, the body takes the form of Matter.

With this system of eternity, it is evident that there is actually no death and therefore there is no reason of sorrow.

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